Mappt Military at Modern Day Marine Expo 2018

Jim Rhetta manning the Mappt Military stand

Jim Rhetta manning the Mappt Military stand

Takor was represented by Jim Rhetta & Craig Baldner at the Modern Day Marine Expo from 25-27 Sep in Quantico Virginia to present our Mappt Military application.  This base is the HQ or the USMC with Program Offices and staff elements for acquisitions of new products.  This event is 3 times the size of the Marine West and Marine South Expos we attended this year. It is very popular with the Industry Partners.

This event had an unexpectedly wide variety of foreign attendees. These included personnel from Russia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Singapore, Austria and Saudi Arabia.  Most did not appear to be embassy Attache personnel, so may have been sent by their Nation or Unit for product awareness.

A member of the Australian Defence Force dropped by the Mappt Military stand

A member of the Australian Defence Force dropped by the Mappt Military stand

Providers of a wide-range of hardware products dominated the venue floor but there was a lot of interest in Mappt Military – the only mobile mapping product in attendance.  Contacts were made with representatives of several agencies including the Global Technology Office, Government Marketing & Procurement, Ft McCoy Training Range and the Comparative Technology Office.

A semi-submersible sailing drone was one of the new technologies presented at the expo

A semi-submersible sailing drone was one of the new technologies presented at the expo

Mappt Military has assisted ground personnel worldwide

Mappt Military has assisted ground personnel worldwide

Mappt Military provides enhanced situational awareness, field mapping and navigation tracking for defence and security personnel through a mobile application. To learn more about our game changing technology check out www.mapptmilitary.com

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It’s time to upgrade!

Mappt version 3.10.1 is available on Google Play.


Dear Mappt Community,
Version 3.10.1 has hit the Google Play store & it includes some important updates so make sure to update Mappt on your device before August 30, 2018 to ensure continuity of your field data collection activities.

Mappt on Google Play

Thanks for being part of the Mappt Community!
As always we’re keen to hear from you!
Kind Regards,
Ciaran Doyle

Product Manager
Takor Group Ltd


Takor On Tour in SW Australia


Last week, Takor headed off-site to take the development team away from daily distractions and spend an intensive few days focused on building for the next phase of the company.

The location was the picturesque Margaret River region south of Perth, Western Australia.

While in the area, we dropped in to see some of our existing Mappt customers – and also spread the word to some new potential customers.

To the Mapptmobile……


City of Mandurah and City of Busselton

First up was a visit to long-time supporters of Mappt at City of Mandurah where Mappt has been used by the Works & Services team for a while now. We also got some time with members of the environmental services team who are new users of the application. Great to meet Peter, Rebecca & Eryn.

Heading further south, we dropped in to the new City of Busselton offices. Unfortunately, out tour photographer was not on his game and the only record of our visits thus far was a photo of an ablution block and a photo of the person taking a photo …….of the ablution block. Sorry James & Dan – but great to meet you both.

ablutionblock south-west-geotagged-photo

Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup

With a new photographer assigned, the tour continued to the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup – famous for its forests, vineyards and orchards. We met up with Damien at the shire offices in the town of Donnybrook where we discussed the potential use of Mappt to conduct road surveys and audits.


Premier Coal

Located close to the town of Collie, Premier Coal is Western Australia’s largest coal producer – mining about 4 million tonnes per year and employing 400 people in the local community. Here we met Colm and Julie from the environmental team and discussed how Mappt could help in daily activities around the vast operations site. We also introduced our  data synchronization platform Mappt Air and discussed how it could help mobilize field data collection teams quickly and reliably.


South32 – Worsley Alumina

One of the largest and lowest-cost alumina producers in the world is located in south-west Australia. As part of the Worsley Alumina operations, bauxite is mined near the town of Boddington, 130 kilometres (kms) south east of Perth. It is then transported on the largest overland conveyor belt in the southern hemisphere, for more than 50 kms, to a refinery near the town of Collie, where a 100-year-old process is used to turn the red bauxite rock into white alumina powder before being transported by rail to Bunbury Port and shipped to smelters around the world.

During our visit to the Worsley refinery site near Collie, we met with Michael and Claire from the business improvement team who gave us a good feel for the scale of the operations. Unfortunately we were unable to get to see the operations for ourselves as being a bunch of city-slickers, we all turned up in short-sleeved shirts – unaware that the operation site is a strict long-sleeved shirt only area. It certainly impressed upon us how seriously health and safety for on-site workers is taken at Worsley Alumina. Despite being confined to the meeting room, we had a great conversation about mobile mapping and data collection – taking in drop-risk among other things. Once more, the ability for Mappt Air to manage workers in the field was a significant talking point.

south32 south32-sign


Thanks to all who took the time out of their day to host us!

Back at base, the evenings were full of presentations, whiteboards and highlighters. And of course, group dinners and drone flying sessions to unwind with the rest of the team.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to talk about Mappt with members of the geospatial community.

south-west-drone       south-west-dinner dunsboroughbeach






If you want to check out Mappt, you can download it from the Google Play store.

To learn more about Mappt Air, check out our website

And of course, reach out to us directly at sales@mappt.com.au 

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New Technologies Transforming the US Military at AUSA 2017

2017 AUSA

The Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) Annual Meeting is the largest landpower exposition and professional development forum in North America.

Taking place over three days in October, Takor’s USA team attended the expo to showcase Mappt Military, the bespoke version of Mappt designed specifically for the US military. The primary focus of the trip was to demonstrate Mappt Military’s recent upgradesto Program Executive Officers and staff personnel from Pentagon command elements.


A secondary objective was to network with other organisations holding an existing Department of Defence market presence and potentially partner with for Mappt Military feature upgrades.

Takor USA was able to give live demonstrations to some of these firms and arrange for further deliberations. In addition to US companies, AUSA was attended by organisations and government departments from Australia, the UK, Ukraine, Greece, France, Korea and Poland.

ausa1One of the first demos given by Craig Baldner was to Mike Aper and David Gieger, both of whom are strong advocates of Mappt Military and are from Engility Corp, which operates the Mobile App Store for the National Geospatial Agency. David Gieger followed-up the AUSA Expo with a visit to the Defence Logistics Agency, where enquiries have been made as to the availability of mapping apps for mobile devices.


Mobile Integration

The Takor team gave demonstrations to a variety of defence orientated organisations such as battlefield surveillance radars, drone systems and vehicle navigation tablets. The trip provided valuable intelligence for the future of Mappt Military and its potential adaptability for mobile display and as control device for radar systems.

The drone market present at AUSA reported they currently have no ability to display full motion video feeds to the company level the echelon Mappt Military is designed for. This meeting resulted in an excellent potential product integration presently being considered.

ausaThe Future of Military

An evaluation of the industry and event has also indicated that there are currently no direct resilient competitors to Mappt Military.

Attending the AUSA event provided the Takor team with an exceptional opportunity to survey existing companies Takor may work with, identify possible competing products, collect new user requirements and locate possible market entry avenues.

The next Expo Team Takor USA hopes to attend is the Marine West Expo at Camp Pendleton in California in early February 2018.  The focus of that event will be to demonstrate Mappt Military directly to Marine Corps tactical personnel and promote downloads to all personnel with mobile devices.

Mappt Military provides enhanced situational awareness, field mapping and navigation tracking for Defence and security personnel through a mobile application. To learn more about our game changing technology check out www.mapptmilitary.com

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Mappt Elements: The Free Data Collection App for iOS

Mappt elements for iphone and ipad

You wanted it, you got it! Say hello to Mappt Elements, the free data collection app for iPhone and iPad… with a twist.

Lightning fast and meticulously accurate, Mappt Elements was born from years of experience in mobile GIS. It has been designed for you and your team – whatever level your GIS skills are – and is available for anyone to download from the App Store.

The difference between Mappt and Mappt Elements

Mappt Elements is very different from the fully-fledged Android version. It has a slick new look and is free to download, but the most impressive aspect is that it’s completely customisable.

We built Mappt Elements with an array of features available to purchase in-app, which means you only pay for the tools you need. So you can build up Mappt Elements to transform your iPhone into a simple data collection assistant, or a powerful in-field partner.

Mappt Elements Features

From environmental scientists experienced in GIS to local governments new to mapping technology, Mappt Elements is for anyone who wants to ditch desktop and capture data easily with an iOS device.

The seamless navigation and design make it easy for anyone to grasp, but don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, Mappt Elements has an impressive list of growing features that currently includes:

  • Create points and add attributes
  • Measurement Tools
  • Choose from a selection of base maps
  • Add your own WMS imagery layers
  • Load in Shapefiles and GeoJSON vector files as reference layers
  • Offline caching
  • Various export formats

To find out more, hit the button below and download it for FREE:


Mappt Elements drop points, add data, export and report

How to use the Mappt Elements Form Builder

Mappt Elements also contains a unique external form builder. You can easily manage projects by making simple data collection forms and sharing them with your team for use in the field.

Create and customise projects using the Mappt Form Builder (see steps below) or by using one of the preset templates in app.Mappt Elements Export Tool

  1.  Build your form in app or visit www.mapptelements.com.au/form-builder.
  2. Create your form by specifying ‘required’ or essential attributes.
  3. Hit Upload Form and copy the generated code
  4. Head back into the app go to New > From a template code > Paste the code into the box and tap load.
  5. Once it has finished loading, enter the project’s name. The project will then be ready to use.

Export and report

Once you’ve created your project, Mappt Elements gives managers the flexibility to export information in a variety of ways:

  • Instantly generate PDF reports for quick distribution to clients and stakeholders
  • Export to all major GIS data formats such as Shapefile and KML, to integrate with QGIS, ArcInfo or Google Earth.
  • Export to CSV to view your data in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Email data as an attachment, without having to return to the office.

When you’re ready to export your project and put the data to work, hit the Export button and choose your format. Please note that you must purchase the Export Package (AUD $4.99) to export in any formats other than CSV.  

To find out more, visit www.mapptelements.com.au, or download it now and explore the features yourself!

Only on Android? No problem! Download a free trial of Mappt from the Google Play Store.

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