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Quadrat surveys on Mangrove forests in Borneo

The unique power and simplicity of Mappt lies in its’ ability to handle large amounts of data stored in layers with various formats and structures. This was previously very difficult to achieve in a device as small as an Android tablet. Gone are the days of lugging bulky laptops, hard drives, data folders and antennae of various shapes […]


GeoTIFF conversion to ECW/JP2 for use with Mappt

Which is your favourite Map data format? GeoTIFF, JP2, ECW? Is there any you can’t use in your current circumstances? It is likely that you may have handled a variety of different GIS data formats throughout your career. Perhaps your company is migrating to a new software provider or changing their data management protocol. Or […]

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Field Mapping in Geology: Mappt User Story

Geologists working in the field often require various measurement and mapping instruments to record and distribute geological information, while working in tough environmental conditions. Mappt is a mobile GIS mapping tool that enables geologists to simplify their arsenal for completing mapping projects in the field. Paul Wright, a Senior Exploration Geologist, loves the ease of use […]