Top 5 Tablets for Field Mapping and Data Collection on Mappt


At Mappt, we’re often asked for recommendations on the best tablets to use with our software. With this in mind, we’re happy to offer our ‘Top 5 Tablets for Mappt!’

Mappt field mapping GIS software running on rugged android tablets in harsh conditions


We have reviewed the best Android tablets currently on the market and rated them based on a number of factors. Tablet features are considered relevant to the environments that Mappt users operate in, often involving mapping in the field. Given the majority of our user-ship surrounds field data collection, the main focus is on tablet robustness and visibility outdoors. As an additional note regarding visibility – we do provide a feature within Mappt to change between light and dark themes, as the light theme is more visible in sunlight. We’ve also considered tablet factors including processing speed, storage, GNSS (GPS) connectivity and price to name a few. If you have other questions regarding field data collection using Mappt please first check out this 3-part series; then read on below:

Top 5 Tablets for Field Mapping and Data Collection on Mappt

Standard Tablets:

Lenovo Tab P10 (A$400)


The Lenovo P10 is a great budget tablet with very reliable performance. Our recommendation owes to its 4GB RAM, 1.8GHz processor, Android 8.0 OS, 12 hours battery life and built in GPS all at a low price. In fact, the Lenovo Tablet costs less than its weight at a dollar per gram (440g). This tablet isn’t ruggedised however, so a sturdy case is recommended, but the Full HD display is certainly outdoors-friendly at 400 nits.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Tablet (~A$600)


The only rugged (IP68 standard and MIL-STD-810G certified), waterproof 7” tablet made for business in its price range. With up to 1.6 GHz processing power, 3GB RAM and 472 nits display brightness, the Active 2 tablet ticks a lot of boxes for field mapping at a budget price. The Active S Pen is a very handy feature for drawing lines and polygons, as it is much better than a traditional stylus and will even work on a rain-soaked screen. Additionally, 9 hours of battery life in the smallest form factor and weight (419g) on this list makes it Mappt pocket-worthy approved.

For low-budget, non-rugged tablet requirements, also consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab A in various specs/sizes.


Ruggedised Tablets:

Getac ZX70 (~A$1300)


A small, rugged and powerful tablet with a 7” display pumping out 580 nits of brightness. Additionally, Getac uses LumiBond 2.0 technology for better readability outdoors, also offering better contrast and crisper colors. The ZX70 sports 4GB of RAM, 32GB eMMC storage, dedicated GPS, 1.4-1.9GHz processor and 8 hours battery life. The only tablet engineered down to the chassis for ruggedness, weighing in at 760 grams and designed to fit ergonomically in one hand, the Getac ZX70 could be your new best friend in the field.


Panasonic ToughBook FZ-B2 (~A$1500)


The FZ-B2 is a rugged 7″ tablet designed for field-based workforces with a 500 nit Outdoor Display. Running Android 6.0 OS and powered by a 2.4GHz processor, the Toughpad FZ-B2 has strong features. Also included is a quick charging, user replaceable full shift battery granting 8-16 hours of life with the dual upgrade. Contained within a fully rugged and sealed design, the thin and lightweight (540g) Toughpad FZ-B2 is built for long-lasting durability. Additionally, a 72 channel GNSS receiver is a significant optional feature for high precision mapping.

Also consider: ToughBook FZ-A2 for a larger 10.1” screen (800 nits) and GPS (~$2000)


Zebra XSLATE D10 Rugged Tablet (~A$2000)


Want the ultimate in rugged tablets? The 10.1” XSlate Tablet is fully customisable to blow your field mapping productivity goals out of the water! Features include 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, 1.9GHz processor and 8 customisable and interchangeable I/O ports. The customisability ensures future-proofing your business against changing technology. The display is a direct bonded, daylight-readable display with 500 nits of brightness. The XSlate has hard to beat features and up to 20 hours battery life, but it comes at a price.

As a final note, we want to acknowledge local service providers Rugged Computing who are a wealth of information regarding tablets and rugged field solutions. In fact, much of this information has been derived from their website and product offerings! Get in touch with them for any further purchasing assistance you may require and a quote. Be sure to ask about their own high spec rugged tablet offering under $1000 too!

We hope that this Top 5 list assists you in your tablet purchasing decisions for field mapping work! Please let us know in the comments if this post helped you, or if you have other suggestions based on your experiences.

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