Mappt Military at the Marine South Expo in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Mappt Military was 'present and correct' for Marine South at Camp Lejeune, NC

Mappt Military was ‘present and correct’ for the Marine South Expo at Camp Lejeune, NC

Takor’s USA team members, Mike MacDonald and Jim Rhetta, attended the Marine South Expo at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina from the 11th – 12th of April. The aim was to familiarize active duty Marines on Mappt Military, to see new technology and programs available to service Marines, and to connect with those unfamiliar with Mappt’s technology.

Every year, the Marine Corps League sponsors the Marine South Military Expo so vendors from all round can come on base and show service members their products. The Takor team attended the event last year, and it was the first venue that allowed for personnel to leave their workspaces and interact with other vendors and a variety of tactical products. The Takor team had some interesting encounters and Mappt Military received very positive feedback from Marines of all ranks.

A highlight of the event was when Lieutenant Gen. Hedelund, Commanding General of the II Marine Expeditionary Force, visited the Mappt Military booth. He asked for a demo of the technology and had a good discussion with the team about it’s applications. He is one of the highest ranking senior leaders to see Mappt Military. As the commander of the Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), his mission is to be able to deploy units globally on short notice to conflict areas and for humanitarian relief ops. He commented favourably on the development efforts to produce a new product for tactical environments.

Mike McDonald usess a 'hands on' approach with us Military Personnel

Mike McDonald uses a ‘hands on’ approach with us Military Personnel

Mappt Military has been customised specifically for use by ground personnel

Mappt Military has been customised specifically for use by ground personnel

The Marine Corps intelligence community also had a strong interest in Mappt Military at the event.  A Sargent from the Intel group came by and recognized the app, as he knew people in the Marine intel in his unit that were already using it in exercises. He had always wondered where they had got it.  They were asked what they were using it for and with a smile just said, ‘everything’. He works with the Red Force (the ‘hostiles’) in training scenarios and said the Blue Force (the ‘friendlies’) have Mappt. He said he would download the app as it would enable him to equalize the info dominance with the Blue Force.  A Major from an Intel unit came by and saw Mappt, said he has been looking for a tool like this and so sent his tech guy over and said, ‘I could have 10 guys using this ASAP!’.

One interested visitor was from Combat Camera, a small unit whose mission is to record and image various units in a variety of operations.  We highlighted the key features of Mappt Military for his mission, such as the ability to provide a GPS track of his movements and embed GPS-tagged images of specific locations.  He confirmed that he currently does not have those abilities which is needed for accurately recording where his imagery was taken at.  He, among others, had iOS-based devices and so were informed of the future availability of our iOS app – Mappt Elements – and the commercial version of it for immediate download to use for their tasks.

James Rhetta's enthusiasm for Mappt Military is hard to match

James Rhetta’s enthusiasm for Mappt Military is hard to match

Attending the Marine South Expo event provided the Takor team in the USA with a great opportunity to connect with Marine Corps tactical personnel, and demonstrate Mappt Military directly to Marines. Takor received strong interest from the Marine community with positive feedback from users already utilizing Mappt Military.

Mappt Military provides enhanced situational awareness, field mapping and navigation tracking for Defence and security personnel through a mobile application. To learn more about our game changing technology check out

Mappt Military has assisted ground personnel worldwide

Mappt Military has assisted ground personnel worldwide

The Mappt Military team will be in attendance at the Modern Day Marine Expo in Quantico, Virginia on September 24th – 27th.

If you are going to be there too, then drop by and say hi at Booth TA1 in Tent A.

Story by Jim Rhetta & Sophia Hill