Mappt Elements Debuts Free Geospatial Mapping App That Provides Free Access to Over 330,000 USGS GeoPDFs

15 November, 2017

Mappt Elements, a free data collection and mapping iOS application, has just released a feature that enables GeoPDFs to be added to a fully interactive map and already comes with a huge range of global datasets.

Users can access the entire USGS NationalMaps database with over 330,000 high resolution topographical maps covering the entire United States of America.

As part of their initiative to expand into iOS market, the company behind Mappt Elements, Takor Group, believes the intelligent app will not only give the public access to a huge array of quality mapping data, but also save time and reduce costs for an array of industries.

“Takor’s product expansion changes the game for people who need instant access to high resolution satellite imagery, live weather feeds, topographical maps or people who simply want to access their own data on their mobile phone.” noted Amir Farhand, Takor CEO and Founder.

“Our vision is to ‘democratise’ geospatial technology or give everyone access to valuable data and location information.”

Mappt Elements drop points, add data, export and report

The iPhone app also enables users to load their own data sets including imagery, vector data, GeoPDFs or any other geographic data, as well as create fully customisable data collection forms and projects.

Mappt Elements aims to transform physical field work tasks through their powerful backend and seamless navigation.

Available now from the App Store on iOS device, download Mappt Elements for free here:

What is a GeoPDF?

A GeoPDF is a common format for raster (graphic) maps. They are widely used because of how easy they are view, find and share – anyone can open a PDF, and they can be easily printed.

Although there are other apps that offer GeoPDF support, they behave more like a PDF viewer.

Mappt Elements takes it to a whole new level and places the GeoPDF on a fully interactive map, showing the user how and where a GeoPDF fits into the real world.

The app allows users to stack additional data, such as Shapefiles, on top of the GeoPDF layer, creating an tremendously beneficial and fully customisable map.

Mappt Elements essentially enables the user to stand inside their map or GeoPDF and collect data on top of it.

Because the file is downloaded onto a user’s device, the GeoPDF is also fully available offline.

The interface is simple and easy, allowing any non-GIS professionals to load and play with maps for any type of work that involves location.

Thousands of professions from Arborists through to Zoologists rely on maps from organisations like the USGS.

This GeoPDF support feature in Mappt Elements puts geospatial technology into the hands of everyone with a mobile device.

About Mappt

Mappt is a globally recognised mobile GIS and data collection application used in an array of industries ranging from mining, environmental and agriculture through to logistics, defence, and livestock tracking, used in over 130 countries worldwide. For those who require offline geographic data on a mobile device, Mappt provides an affordable, user-friendly and dynamic mobile mapping solution for both Android and iOS platforms.

About Takor Group: Takor enables businesses and consumers to harness the power of location through advanced geospatial mobile technology. Takor aims to democratise the growing geospatial industry by providing affordable, practical and accessible solutions to all. Takor’s current commercial products include Mappt, a powerful mobile GIS and data collection application; Mappt Elements (iOS version) and; Mappt Military (US Department of Defence bespoke version).