Mappt Military makes an impact at Marine South conference


The tactical GIS for defence impresses millennial Marines

Last month, Takor Group CEO and Mappt Founder Amir Farhand jet off to the US to showcase our tactical GIS Mappt Military at the industry renowned conference Marine South.

Marine South Conference, 12-13 April 2017

Marine South is co-sponsored by Marine Corps Base and was held at Camp Lejeune, a huge US military training facility in Jacksonville complete with eateries, bars and fitness centres. The annual event has been attracting game-changing technology systems and equipment tailored specifically for the US Marine Corps since 1993.

This year, we set up a booth to present Mappt Military to the Semper Fi Marines – Semper fidelis is a Latin phrase that means “always faithful” or “always loyal”, and is the motto of the US Marine Corps. We demonstrated our tactical GIS to different divisions, which ranged from tactical applications all the way through to on-base forestry applications, as they collect and process wood from their base.

 Mappt Military

Mappt Military is a tactical GIS app designed specifically for the US Marines, and allows them to collect, view and share all their tactical location-based data offline using their phone or tablet.
Countless millennial Marines were surprised at how easy Mappt Military was to use. Many of them had Android phones and tablets at hand, and after a quick demonstration they downloaded our mapping app on the spot. Now they can harness the power of location-based data collection by utilising features such as:
  • Offline GPS tracking
  • Geotagged photos
  • Geofence exclusion and inclusion zones
  • Full layer control
  • Form based data entry
  • Map annotation tools
  • Export data to local disk, email or Google Drive

Geotagged Photos


GPS tracking


Map annotation tool

As well as seeing Mappt Military so well received, it was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the Marines. During his four-night stay at Camp Lejeune, Amir spent time with them both inside and outside of the conference. “It was great opportunity to mingle with Semper Fi Marines as an Australian. This included early morning jogs whilst listening to AFL games on internet radio! I’m looking forward to the next event,” says Amir.
To find out more about Mappt Military and see the full list of features, please visit www.mapptmilitary.com.