How to export imagery from ArcMap 10.3 to Mappt

As well as being able to export imagery from Mappt to Esri’s ArcMap, you can also export imagery from ArcMap to use inside Mappt.

Exporting imagery from ArcMap to Mappt enables you to see your Esri data inside our offline mobile GIS.

We will use this false colour ECW imagery of Coral Bay in Western Australia to demonstrate how to do this step by step.

1. Open your imagery in Esri’s ArcMap.

2. Ensure that the WGS84 projection is used within your ArcMap Project. This is done by right-clicking ‘Layers’ in the Table of Contents sidebar and selecting ‘Properties’. Under the ‘Coordinate System’ tab, check that WGS84 is selected

3. Export the imagery from ArcMap by:

i) Saving the current map document by clicking on File > Save.

ii) Finding the location of the imagery through a file explorer, such as the Catalog shown below.

4. Now you need to move the imagery onto the tablet that Mappt is on. This can be done by moving it to the tablet’s filesystem or by using a third-party app.

5. Load the shapefile into Mappt by:

i) Tapping the Import Button button using a Touch gesture.

ii) Selecting ‘Load Imagery’.

iii) Choose the preferred import method.

iv) Navigate to your imagery and select the imagery to be imported.

6. Your shapefile will now show on Mappt.