Mappt 3.2 is out!

The new features on the latest release

Last week we released Mappt 3.2 onto the Google Play Store, and if you haven’t downloaded it already, here’s what’s waiting for you.

As well as the standard performance improvements and bug fixes, your free upgrade has a few new features for you to play with. Let’s start with the most fun one, the screenshot annotation tool…

Annotation tool 

Mappt’s new annotation tool gives you the ability to type and draw colourful notes all over your data. 

Available on Standard and Professional licences, this tool is handy if you want to send your data to someone and circle a specific marker or point to a particular polygon etc.

To make annotations, tap Mappt’s new annotation button located on the right hand side under the map type button. This will allow you to start drawing, adding shapes and typing text. 

Once you’ve made your masterpiece, tap the tick button to take a screenshot, then you can send the image off via email or save it to your Mappt Screenshots folder. When you return to your map view, the annotations will be gone.

Mappt annotations

Splitting tool

If you’ve ever wanted to add attributes to just one part of a polyline or polygon, you’re going to love the new splitting too.

This feature is available on all Mappt licences, and allows you to divide a polygon or a polyline (including a GPS track) into sections, allowing you to assign attributes and information to particular parts of the line.

Mappt splitting tool

.CSV file support

This one’s pretty self explanatory, but you can now import and export data in a .csv file format (import only for the free version).

This file format is a clean and practical way of exporting and reading data, as it’s clear on its own (just open in a text viewer) and is supported by plenty of different programs like Microsoft Excel.

GIS for Android - Mappt data transfers

New dialogs for writing files onto an SD card

We have noticed that some users have had trouble exporting to SD card due to Android’s limitations. We have implemented some dialogs to show you exactly how to save to the SD card

  • Android KitKat

The external SD card is write protected on Android 4.4. You can only write files in an application specific folder (which Mappt will show), but If you decide to use this folder please be aware that it is deleted if you uninstall Mappt from your device.

  • Android Lollipop

The external SD card is write protected on Android 5, so Mappt has to ask you for permission to write onto SD Card.

If you wish to save to the SD card, please navigate to the root folder Mappt will present to you in a dialogue screen, and tap ‘SELECT’ at the bottom.

mappt sd card issue

As always, if you need any help with Mappt please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email or the Mappt Forum. Have fun!