6 Reasons why we built Mappt for Android

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#Sorrynotsorry iOS users

Ever since we launched Mappt three years ago, we’ve often been asked why we built our mobile GIS for Android and not iOS.

The reasons are simple: flexibility and power. Sorry avid Apple users, but we prefer Android’s open and fluid compatibility with other software. Plus the variety of Android devices out there make our GIS more affordable, and compatible with a device that suits your needs, whether that’s a budget mobile phone or a military grade, water and shock resistant tablet.

Here are a few more reasons why we’ve improved the experience of our users by building Mappt for Android.

1. Efficient File Management

GIS for Android - Mapt File managementUnlike iOS, Android allows you to create and edit folders for your data on the devices themselves, and also copy and paste datasets between directories with ease.


2. Faster data transfers

GIS for Android - Mappt data transfers

Getting data on and off an iPhone requires going through iTunes Connect and cloud sync, which makes iOS particularly problematic for users with large or commercially sensitive data. Furthermore, it’s harder and more time consuming. Android, on the other hand, allows access to SD Card, USB, Bluetooth, Internet and Cloud services like Google Drive.


3. Easy Licence ManagementEasy GIS licence management

Managing licences on Apple devices is hard because of how the App Store works. Having one Mappt licence is fine, but if you have an entire work force you’d have to manage your licenses separately.



4. Accurate GPS

GIS for Android - Mappt Accurate GPS tracking

The iPad mini doesn’t have a GPS and rely’s on telephony and wifi for location, which is less than ideal for an offline application that revolves around GPS. This means we wouldn’t be able to list it on the App Store as iPad compatible. 

5. Better for budgets


Android devices are all about the hardware; the more features you want, the more you’ll spend. So if you want an all-singing-all-dancing tablet, you’ll pay for it, but if you want something to cruise by your side, you can buy a cheaper option (just like Mappt licences!).

6. More memory 


Mappt is a resource intensive application, so it needs a device with extra CPU and memory for smoother functionality.  Android devices come in a variety of models, but the higher spec ones are generally more powerful (and more affordable) than iOS.


While we currently don’t have any plans to build an iOS version of Mappt, that doesn’t mean we’re staying solely on Android…

Stay tuned!