On the road with Mappt

Chris' Mappt Trip

iSpatial Solutions Director records his holiday with geotagged photos

One of the awesome things about working at Mappt is hearing about the unique ways you use our mobile GIS.

Recently we heard from iSpatial Solutions Director Chris Devlin, who took Mappt on his family vacation. Chris, his family and his friends documented their two-week road trip up Western Australia with Mappt’s offline geotagged photos feature.

They wanted to make a visual record of the holiday and the places they visited. “We have lots of photos from holidays, but when we look back at them years later we quite often wonder just where they were taken, but that’s not an issue with these photos!”says Chris.

The trail of photos mimics the The Wool Wagon pathway they followed from Murchison up to Exmouth.

Chris' Mappt Trip

woolwagon pathwayWhen people drive north in WA there are two main routes: the coast road or the inland route. Chris’ trip split the two and went up between them, joining the scenic Wool Wagon pathway at Murchison (over 700k north of Perth) to check out Kennedy Range National Park.

During their trip they spent three days in Exmouth, four days in Ningaloo Station and four days in Coral Bay. “From Perth it was up to Exmouth then down into Ningaloo Station, camping on the beach (with the mice and the snakes) and a chance to take the boat out fishing, then down into Coral Bay before heading home,” says Chris.



Mappt’s ability to work offline means that Chris was able to log the places they visited in real time, even in the most isolated areas of WA where an internet connection is non existent.

“Mappt worked really well. The GPS worked perfectly and the geotagged photos mean we’ll never wonder just where that cracking sunset shot was taken,” says Chris.




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