How to export Shapefiles from Mappt to ArcMap 10.3

Transferring your data from our offline mobile GIS into Esri’s ArcMap is a handy feature, as it enables advanced editing for shapefiles.

This blog post will tell you how to export your data from Mappt to be used in ArcMap 10.3 as a shapefile.

1. Load your project in Mappt.

2. Ensure that the WGS84 projection is selected in Mappt.

3. Tap the export symbol and select the layer(s) you would like to export.

4. Select shapefile as the preferred file format for your export.

5. Select your preferred export method.

6. A dialog window will pop up asking if you would like to zip your files. Select your preferred export method.

7. Save the file to your computer. You can either transfer the file directly to your computer from your device, or use a third-party app such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

8. Open Esri’s ArcMap and ensure that the co-ordinate system of ArcMap is the same as that of Mappt, which is in WGS84. You can check this by right-clicking on ‘Layers’ in the Table of Contents. Then click ‘Properties’ and check the ‘Co-ordinate System’ tab.

9. Open the Catalog window in ArcMap. Connect to the folder the shapefiles are saved in. Ensure that the file is in the correct projection by right-clicking on the selected file and clicking on ‘Properties’. Click on the ‘XY Coordinate System’ tab and ensure that the projection is WGS84.

10. Import the shapefile to your ArcMap project by either:

  • Clicking on File > Add Data > Add Data and selecting the file; or
  • Dragging the file from the Catalog sidebar into either the Table of Contents or the Map Screen in ArcMap.

11. Your shapefile should now be shown on ArcMap.