How to export Shapefiles from ArcMap 10.3 to Mappt

This blog post will instruct you on exporting shapefiles from ArcMap to use in Mappt. In this example, we will be using a shapefile that depicts the coast of Washington in the USA, shown below.

1. Create your layers and import your shapefiles in ArcMap.

2. Ensure that the WGS84 projection is used within your ArcMap Project. This is done by right-clicking ‘Layers’ in the Table of Contents sidebar and selecting ‘Properties’. Under the ‘Coordinate System’ tab, check that WGS84 is selected.

3. Export the shapefile layer from ArcMap by:

  • Select the shapefile layer you wish to export
  • Right-click on the shapefile layer
  • Select Data > Export Data
  • Select where you wish to save the file. Ensure that the file will be saved as a shapefile by either:
    • Appending a .shp extension in the dialog box
    • In the file directory browser, select ‘Shapefile’ under the ‘Save as type’ dropdown.

Caution: If you are saving the shapefile on to your computer to be moved on to your tablet later, ensure that you do not only save the .shp file but that you also save the dependencies (such as the .dbf, .prj and .shx). These are usually grouped together under the same file name; they only have different file extensions.

4. To load the shapefile into Mappt:

  • Tap the Import Button button using a Touch gesture.
  • Select ‘Load Vector Data’.
  • Select the preferred import method.
  • Select the shapefile to be imported.

5. Your shapefile will now show on Mappt.

If you encounter any problems or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know via the Mappt Forum.

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