Export shapefiles from QGIS to Mappt in 7 easy steps

Before you head out to collect data in the field, you may want to import some datasets into Mappt. In this post, we’ll walk you through exporting shapefiles from QGIS into Mappt.

1. Select the shapefile layer(s) you would like to export from QGIS into Mappt in the Layers Panel.

2. Right-click the shapefile layer selected and click ‘Save As’.

3. Select a Mappt-compatible format to save the shapefile as.

4. Select the location where you would like to save the file.

5. Once saved, move the file to your tablet.

6. Load the data into Mappt by tapping Add/Load Layer > Load Vector Data.

7. The data should now be displayed in Mappt.

If you need any further assistance for exporting shapefiles from QGIS to Mappt, please get in touch with us via the Mappt Forum.

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