How to export Mappt data to Google Earth in 5 steps

Mappt (a mobile GIS on Android OS) has the ability to export data as a KML or KMZ, which can be used to share data in Google Earth.

As an example, you can collect data about where you’ve been travelling. It’s especially useful to be able to export this to Google Earth, as it is a format that could be used by anybody and not just those who use paid GIS software.

1. Gather your data with Mappt on an Android tablet or mobile. Collect spatial information including points, lines, polygons, geotagged photos, and GPS paths.

2. Once you have collected all of your data on an Android Tablet, tap the Export button using a Touch gesture, then select the layers you would like to export.

3. Select the file format for your export. In this case, you would select ‘Google Earth ZIP’. This creates a zipped file of your layers and allows photos to be opened using a KMZ file type.

4. You can transfer the data from your Android tablet (mobile GIS) onto a computer or send it via an external app (such as Google Drive or Dropbox). Once the file is on your computer, the files will need to be extracted.

5. Once the files are extracted, simply drag the KML or KMZ files into Google Earth Pro. Google Earth Pro will then show all your files – including all of the points, lines, polygons, and geotagged photos.

If you experience any difficulty exporting your Mappt data to Google Earth, please get in touch via the Mappt Forum.