Everything you need to know about Mappt’s lighter little brother

Over the past few months we’ve been fattening up Mappt Standard and Professional licences with great features including WMST support, and gridding.

However, we understand that not everyone needs such a beefy GIS, which is why our engineers have created Mappt Lite.

Mappt Lite is a slimmed down version of Mappt, designed for those who need more features than the free version, but fewer features than Mappt Standard.


What features are included?

  • Intuitive user interface designed for ease of use and minimal training
  • Import data as Shapefile, GeoJSON and KML/KMZ
  • Create, edit and manage your vector data offline
  • Lay grids over base maps to visualise distances
  • Light and mobile Android platform – leave bulky equipment behind
  • No vendor lock-in – so Mappt Lite works with all major GIS applications
  • No cloud service lock-in
  • Geotagged photos – use your photos instead of marker points
  • Offline GPS tracking – record your journey and find your way back to base
  • Simple text attributes
  • Create and customise points, lines and polygons
  • Google Maps API advanced caching
  • Layer control
  • Export data to local disk, email or cloud storage such as Google Drive


How much is Mappt Lite?

This is the best part, Mappt Lite is only US $50 per year!

So if you choose Mappt Lite as your sole GIS, your geospatial technology is costing you just over $4 per month, so it’s light in price too.


Where can I buy Mappt Lite?

Mappt Lite is a separate application to Mappt, but is still downloaded onto Android devices via the Google Play Store.

Once you have it on either your Android phone or tablet, you have 14 days to trial it for free. After day 14 Google Play will charge your account the $US50 annual fee, however if you decide Mappt Lite isn’t for you, simply unsubscribe during your free trial via the Bills and Accounts tab on the Google Play Store.

To get your hands on Mappt Lite, download it from the Google Play Store and start capturing field data with ease!