Mappt 3.1 Release


The new small features are a big help

This week we released Mappt 3.1 to the Google Play Store, the first update since the major changes of 3.0.

As well as the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, this free upgrade contains 7 improvements and features to make our mobile mapping software even more intuitive…

Head to the Google Play Store to upgrade now, or read on to find out what new features are available to you…



You can now overlay coordinate grids onto Mappt’s base maps. This is a super handy visual aid for referencing features and knowing the exact distance between areas.

Grid sizes can also be adjusted to specific rows, sizes and cells, plus you have three naming conventions for the cells: Row/Column (eg. r1c1, r2c1, r2c2 etc..), UL Coordinates (eg. 400E_650N) and Tile number (eg. 001, 002, 003…)

Imagery transparency


Mappt 3.1 has the ability to change the transparency of imagery (e.g. ECWs). Any imagery in Mappt can have its transparency adjusted so that you can see multiple imagery on top of each other.

GeoPackage support


Mappt now supports both the raster and vector forms of GeoPackage – a GIS database format.

To import GeoPackage, simply tap ‘add/load layer’ and select ‘GeoPackage’ from the list of options. Simples!


WMTS support


As well as more data formats, Mappt 3.1 also gives you access to more online imagery servers, with the new support for WMTS.


Floating layer names

Floating layer names have made the layer list far friendlier and easier to use.

Now when you expand a layer that contains a long list of features, the layer heading will remain visible in the layer list as you scroll through the features.

This dramatically reduces scrolling, making it quicker to close and jump between layers, and easier to see which layer you’re working on.

Searching in layers and features


Another UI improvement is the ability to search for features in the layer list.

It’s an automatic search, meaning Mappt begins looking when you start typing to give you results as fast as possible.

The screenshot above shows the results for the word ‘Barrack’ on the left hand side. When the search bar is inactive, it will be waiting for you and displaying the word ‘Search…’ so it’s easy to identify.


Improvements for GML parser

This one is a bit more technical, but it basically makes Mappt compatible with far more WFS servers.

So if you have found a previous WFS server has been incompatible with Mappt, give it another shot and see if it works.


To downloaded the new and improved Mappt 3.1 for free, head to the Google Play Store or update Mappt in app.

If you experience any issues or would like to see a particular feature added to our mobile mapping software, let us know via the Mappt Forum.