Mappt Intern Insight: Glenn

Using Mappt to perform on-site roadworks inspections

Here’s what one of Mappt’s first interns got up to during his 8 weeks with us

Over the past eight weeks we’ve taken on two paid interns from The University of Western Australia to assist us here at Mappt. They’ve been a fantastic addition to our team, and while they’ve learned a lot from us, we’ve learned a lot from them too!

Glenn is in his third year studying Environmental Science to land his dream job of working in environmental research. Here’s what he says about his time working at Mappt…

glenn, mappt intern

If you had asked me what I’d be doing with my summer three months ago, I would never have guessed I would be doing my first internship.

Creative freedom

I have learned so much during my time at Takor and have really enjoyed myself.

I was given various different tasks and a lot of creative freedom in regard to how they were carried out, which was really nice to have.

This flexibility and culture at Takor has been a huge positive. From my first day here I was made to feel incredibly welcomed and included in the workplace, rather than feeling like ‘the new kid’.

Everybody is wonderful at Takor and works to create a good atmosphere, which really eased my nerves at first. 

Enhanced GIS skills

The skills I have learned during my time here have really helped me develop and sharpen my understanding of all things GIS.

All too often, the skills you learn at uni can be glossed over quickly, giving you little time to retain all of the information. Working at Takor has expanded my knowledge so much and has really helped to enforce some key concepts of GIS, as it has allowed me to work with various platforms and data types.

Learning from the boss

Takor CEO Amir has taught us more about aerial imagery than I could have hoped for, and being able to actually see the ins and outs of satellite imagery has really helped solidify the concepts I had previously learnt about the subject.

Being able to access and use Amir’s FLIR thermal cameras was also fantastic, as I don’t think I would have even got my hands on one during my undergraduate degree, so it was great to get a head start.

Collecting real GIS data

The highlights have ranged so much during my time working on Mappt. Being able to actually go out and collect real data in the field, rather than using fake datasets was really nice.

We spent the whole day at Lake Leschenaultia and Lesmurdie Falls – being able to go for a swim in the lake was great fun!

Working alongside Chitra, my fellow intern, has also been really great as I have been able to rely on her for anything and have learnt a lot about statistics and data in the process. 

I have really enjoyed the challenges that have been set by the Mappt team, and have relished being able to put my university skills to use. Making waffles and popcorn whilst at the office has also been awesome!

I have learned so much during my time at Takor and my understanding of GIS has expanded so much in just eight weeks. I’m very grateful to the whole team, for being so friendly and willing to help. I hope to keep in contact with the team in the future, as I believe they are doing great things and going places!

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