Mappt Intern Insight: Chitra

Takor interns

One of our first interns shares her experiences working at Mappt

Over the past eight weeks we’ve taken on two paid interns from The University of Western Australia to assist us here at Mappt. They’ve been a fantastic addition to our team, and while they’ve learned a lot from us, we’ve learned a lot from them too.

Chitra is currently majoring in Quantitative Methods before she begins her Master’s in GIS at University College London this September. Here is what she says about her time at Mappt…

Takor interns

It’s been a fantastic eight weeks working at Takor; definitely a great way to spend my summer! Here are the highlights of what I’ve been up to, what I’ve learnt, and what I’ve enjoyed most throughout the course of my internship.

Helping with the release of Mappt 3.0

Among the many things I’ve managed to get up to here over the last eight weeks, the main project I’ve helped with was the release of Mappt 3.0. Glenn and I tested for bugs in Mappt, updated Mappt’s user guide, and wrote up several blog and forum posts to help Mappt users understand the mobile GIS better. I also helped update the classification methods in Mappt to ensure that they are easy to use as well as useful for users.

Gaining hands-on GIS experience

They’re right when they say that university teaches you the basics, but only real life experiences can really prepare you for what’s out there. Here at Takor I’ve learnt to familiarise myself with real GIS data as well as their practical applications. Learning these skills were especially useful when I wrote up posts on how to use Mappt, as I needed to ensure that I used real life, relatable examples to users in the industry.

Getting to grips with remote sensing

I’m also getting a course on remote sensing – another practical aspect of GIS – which is really cool as I wouldn’t have covered this until my postgraduate degree. Another fun and hands-on experience was going around the office and taking sneaky photos of everyone else with a thermal camera, which was really cool to get a hold of!

Collecting real data in the field

As for what I’ve enjoyed the most, I didn’t realise that data collection could be so fun! We went to Lesmurdie Falls and Lake Leschenaultia for data collection and software testing before Mappt 3.0’s release. It was a fantastic day trip and made me realise the highly applicable uses of mobile GIS. The trip led me to work on my current project, which is about how Mappt can be a useful tool for adventure tourism.

Good food, good peeps

This leads me to another reason why I love working at Takor: everyone here is so friendly, which creates a fun and supportive working environment. I’ve had cupcakes offered to me, waffles cooked for me, ate popcorn, and even modelled for the Mappt website.

I actually look forward to coming into work because there’s something different to do each day. There is never a boring day!

This internship has been a valuable learning experience for me. The only facts I had about GIS were learnt in the classroom from one unit at university, so I’ve definitely expanded my understanding of GIS.

It’s been extremely helpful that Takor has a fantastic environment to work and learn in, and I’m now even more motivated to pursue my career in GIS!