Mappt 3.0 is here!


Mappt has a new look, new features and it’s more mobile than ever!

It’s time for your regular Mappt upgrade, but this time it’s not full of minor adjustments and bug fixes; Mappt 3.0 is a big one.

If you’re still here and haven’t already clicked off to the Google Play Store, once you’ve completed your free upgrade to Mappt 3.0 you’ll experience a few major changes: a smarter interface, mobile compatibility, monthly pricing plans and new features.


Smarter Interface

We have completely redesigned Mappt’s interface to make it smarter, sleeker and improve the user experience with the following changes:

  • The layer list now acts as a ‘sliding drawer’ to make it more intuitive to open and close.
  • The tools for adding features can now be found in floating buttons at the top left of the map view. This gives you some extra room in the layer list.


  • The loading and exporting data dialogs have had a slight change, including more intuitive icons.
  • All dialog boxes can now be dismissed by pressing ‘x’ at the top right corner.
  • The GPS tools – including auto-focus and GPS tracking – are now located in the top bar of Mappt (to the right hand side next to the menu button). So now all of the GPS controls are in the same spot. Simples.

GPS Tools, Mappt

  • The default colour scheme has had a pretty little makeover.
  • When you want to edit the colour of a marker, geofence, polygon etc, you’ll notice Mappt has a new colour chart. This new chart fits better on a mobile screen, which brings us to…

Supported on Android mobile phones

Mappt is now supported on Android phones! We wanted to make it easier and faster for people to start using Mappt, so now you no longer need to own an Android tablet to use our offline mobile GIS.

You’ll be able to use Mappt on your Android phone if your screen size is 4.5″ or more.

However, if you own both an Android phone and a tablet, you cannot use Mappt on both devices at the same time, and screen layouts may differ between your Android devices.


Mappt on Android phone



Mappt on Android tablet

If you normally use Mappt on your Android tablet and want to log into Mappt on your mobile phone, you will need to enter your licence key. When you decide to move back to using Mappt on your tablet, you will see this error message:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.48.44 PM

Simply hit ‘OK’, then re-enter your licence key in the settings. You will have to repeat this process when you wish to use Mappt on your phone again.

Monthly Pricing

This one deserves a whole post of its own, so we’ve given it one! Click here to read everything you need to know about Mappt’s new monthly price plans, and how you can jump on them.

New features

  • We have created an optional “Light” theme so that users can switch the theme to lighter colours, making it easier to use our offline mobile GIS in direct sunlight.

Mappt light theme

  • There is now a setting called ‘GPS Accuracy’ which determines how many points your GPS track will have. This is handy for larger GPS tracks, which can sometimes be a bit slow because they have so many points.
  • Each new GPS track now saves to a different Vector layer, making it easier to export different tracks.

GPS Path Tracks

  • Every time you take or import a photo, you can choose which layer it goes into. This gives you better data management, as some 0f you prefer keeping your photos in separate layers.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve stamped out some pesky bugs, particularly in the GPS tracking mode.
  • If you find a bug, let us know via the new Mappt Forum and we’ll send in pest control.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Head to the Google Play Store for your free upgrade to Mappt 3.0!