Mappt News January 2016

mappt sale

Exciting developments and a January discount


Get 25% off upgrades and renewals!

mappt sale

To thank you for your support in 2015, we’re giving you 25% off all Mappt licence upgrades and renewals! To take advantage of this offer, upgrade to Mappt 2.5 then enter the promo code MAPPT2016 via the Mappt Portal before upgrading or renewing your licence. Don’t worry if you’ve recently renewed your licence, as the 12 months you buy for less now will begin when your current licence expires!

Ends 31st January.

Mappt goes multilingual


Our mobile GIS has been busy learning new languages and can now speak FarsiJapanese, Korean and Spanish! To change your language, upgrade to Mappt 2.5 for free via the Google Play Store, then select a new language in Mappt’s settings. If a new user’s tablet is already set to one of the languages, Mappt will automatically download to the correct language.
Find out more here.

Takor’s New Website

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Takor Group’s new website is now live! Mappt is just one geospatial product we produce at Takor, find out what else we do.



  • Mappt’s geofencing feature is essential for making sure you don’t step out of your working boundaries.
  • Simply draw the areas you’re unable to enter (e.g. heritage or hazardous land) onto your map.
  • If you breach a geofenced area, Mappt will notify you with an alarm and the event will be logged.
  • Working in a small area? Mark out inclusion zones to make sure that you don’t step outside of your working boundary.


Hayley Baldwin

 Hayley Baldwin

Happy New Year! I’m Hayley, Media Liaison at Takor Group and the one that sends you this lovely newsletter each month. I joined Takor almost two years ago when I moved to Perth from London (I ran out of umbrellas), where I was a journalist at women’s magazines. Now I spend my days writing email campaigns, blog posts, marketing copy, and running our social media channels. So send us a tweet sometime and tell us how you’re getting on with Mappt!


“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

– Elbert Hubbart


  • Mappt Lite – Mappt’s twin brother has been slimming down over the holidays and is nearly ready to make his debut! 
  • Mappt Mobile – yep, we’re becoming even more mobile with Mappt 3.0!
  • Spanish and Korean brochures

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