Mappt has gone multilingual!


Our mobile GIS is now available in four new languages!

Here at Mappt we’re a pretty multicultural bunch, with our team members originating from Australia, Europe and Asia. Add this to the fact that Mappt is used in over 80 countries worldwide, it makes sense that we make our offline mobile GIS available in a variety of languages. So we have!

Now Mappt is available in:


The Japanese and Farsi brochures can be downloaded by clicking their links above, but bear with us as we’re still working on the Spanish and Korean brochures.

To access these new languages, upgrade for free to the latest version of Mappt via the Google Play Store. If your tablet’s language is already set to Farsi, Japanese, Korean or Spanish, Mappt will automatically download into your set language. If you want to change it manually, this can be easily adjusted in Mappt’s settings.

Stay tuned to see what language our clever GIS learns next!