Mappt Exhibits for students at GSA 2015

chris at GSA

We show students and teachers how easy GIS can be!

At the beginning of the month, two of the Mappt team members flew to Baltimore in the US to showcase Mappt at GSA 2015.

GSA (Geological Society of America) host this annual exhibition for students and teachers interested in geological studies. Businesses and universities from all over the world have flocked to the chosen venue to exhibit their products ever since the conference began over 100 years ago.

Over the three days, Mappt’s Geospatial Advocate Alistair Hart and Mappt’s Senior Developer Chris Lowe met and showed students and teachers how easy data collection is with Mappt.

They loved that Mappt is downloaded onto an Android tablet and works offline, so there’s no need to carry around bulky technology in the field, just one light agile device.

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on how easy our mobile mapping application is to use. Our user friendly interface and simple to use features make Mappt the ideal data capture and management software for those new to GIS. This is why universities (including The University of Western Australia) choose Mappt to introduce their geography students to field data collection over other, more complex tools.

al at gsa

Geospatial Advocate Alistair Hart at the Mappt booth at GSA 2015

chris at GSA

Mappt Developer Chris Lowe at the Mappt booth at GSA 2015


If you haven’t discovered Mappt’s unique mapping platform, download a free trial onto your Android tablet and experience some of the features Mappt can offer.

We also had a little trick to show them to called the Tim Tam Slam. This is drinking tea or coffee through a Tim Tam (an Australian chocolate bar) like a straw and cramming it in your mouth before it collapses. Yes it’s messy, but the taste is epic!

If chocolate wasn’t enough, we also held a giveaway for attendees to win a Deeper Fishfinder, donated by Mangoesmapping. This portable, wireless sonar attaches to your fishing line and bluetooths to your smart phone. It’s designed to find the location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more.

fish finder winner

Congratulations Alan Ashworth!

The guys had a fantastic time and met some great people, so thanks for having us GSA!