Mappt 2.2 out now!

Your faster, more efficient Mappt is ready for big data

Your Mappt application is ready for another free upgrade! This time we’ve been working on some new features to make Mappt more big data friendly.

Mappt 2.2 now has WMS/WFS 1.0, 1.1 & 2.0 support, read-only data sets and can export entire projects as zip files. And that’s just the start! Check out the list of new features below waiting for you in Mappt 2.2.

WMS/WFS 1.0, 1.1 & 2.0 support

We’re so excited about this one! Mappt is now fully compatible with Web Map Service and Web Feature Service! This means you can now pull maps or their data from the web and into Mappt.

We have also given you total control over how much data you want to pull in by allowing you to select data from a set area within these maps. This will reduce the file size, allowing Mappt work as quickly as possible.


wms5wfs1 wfs5

Read Only Data Sets

If you want to use very large KML and Shapefile data sets but don’t want to save them onto Mappt, Mappt 2.2 gives you the option to use read-only formats. This feature turns vectors into rasters, and although you can’t edit the read-only data (hence the read-only part), you can load the mega files onto Mappt without slowing it down.

This is perfect for those who have large but fixed data sets such as miners, geologists and surveyors.

readonly1 readonly2 readonly3

GeoJSON files

As well as KML and Shapefiles, you can now import and export data as GeoJSON files! *high five*

thematic mapping Auto-styling

Mappt 2.2 will now automatically adjust the colours of your layers to make thematic mapping quicker and easier. However if you don’t like our taste and want to choose your own colours (it’s fine, we get it), you can edit them.




Zip File Exporting

Zipping up a whole file and exporting it makes it easier and quicker to share an entire project with others. Mappt 2.2 will swiftly zip up all data collected, including geotagged photos, polygons, GPS tracks etc, ready for exporting.

As usual we’ve also exterminated some bugs and made a few improvements behind the scenes to make things run smoother.

To get your hands on a more powerful Mappt, head over to the Google Play Store. For further support, please don’t hesitate to contact us via support@mappt.com.au.

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