Mappt News October 2015


We support big data and women in tech


Mappt 2.2 has been Released

To make sure you’re using Mappt to its full potential, tap the ‘Upgrade me toMappt 2.2′ button below and enjoy a faster, more efficient mobile mapping app ready for big data with new features! For free! We’ve also performed some pest control and exterminated a few bugs. Find out what the new features do here, or head straight to the Google Play Store.

Female Internship Opportunity

Amir Farhand women in tech

Takor have teamed up with Women in Technology WA to create a summer internship for a female developer. This is part of our efforts to encourage more women to embark on careers in programming, engineering and all things tech. So if you are or know a female with a passion for coding or GIS, stay tuned for more information! Find out more here.


Techtrails talk


16th September
Perth, WA

Takor Group teamed up with WiTWA  for their Techtrails program to encourage teens to embark on careers in technology. Mappt developer Chris Lowe and Kojai junior developer Amita Bajaj spoke about their career paths and why technology is currently the most exciting industry to get into.

Click here to see what else happened when we went back to school!


“This Andriod app is exactly what I have been looking for! The offline Google Map overlay works very well with our own application map and the GPS location functions.

“It’s a dream software for our research and a brilliant app for the regular work of irrigation associations in Taiwan.”

Chih-Hung Tan
Senior Scientist & Division Chief
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GPS Tracking

Our GPS tracking feature works offline so that you don’t have to worry about a WIFI or 3/4G connection when out in the field. You can also set the GPS on to work in the background, so you can seamlessly trace your tyre tracks or footsteps while collecting data.


Zoe Russell

Zoe Russell

We’ve just welcomed our new Graphic Designer Zoe Russell to the team. Zoe will help pretty things up a bit around here and create cool animations and graphics like the gif above. Before joining Takor Group, Zoe studied a BA Double Major in Digital Design and Screen Arts. Her passion for animation has driven her to obtain lead design roles in TV, including the recent Whadjuk to Wadjemup Documentary.

Quote of the Month

“GIS is kind of like Google Earth, only better.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Coming Up

We head back to the US for GSA 2015!

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