Mappt News August 2015

ALISTAIR at Pivotal

A new version, a trip to Europe and how Angelina Jolie uses maps…


Mappt 2.1.3 Released!

The latest version of Mappt has been released onto the Google Play Store! After listening to your feedback, Mappt 2.1.3 has new features and several additional buttons including ‘quick-save’ and left and right arrows for feature navigation. To upgrade for free head to the Google Play Store or to find out more on our blog post.

navigation-screenshot webMappt interviewed by GIS Cafe


While we were in Washington D.C. for GEOINT Symposium, our Mappt expert Alistair Hart was interviewed by He explains what makes our mobile GIS stand out from the crowd and why we’re used in 83 countries. Click here to watch the video interview or check out our blog post on GEOINT Symposium.


INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum

Lisbon, Portugal

ALISTAIR at Pivotal

At the end of May, geospatial enthusiasts flocked to Europe for the INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum. Collaborating for the first time, INSPIRE and Geospatial World created a landmark event on the spatial event calendar. We were there to network and support our Mappt evangelist Alistair Hart, who gave a compelling presentation on using mobile GIS technology to control disease. Read more here.



ArborCare – Queensland, Australia
“We’ve been using Mappt to create Bushland Operational Assessment maps for our local council. We also use it for management plans to demonstrate work zones and management considerations relevant to the removal of environmental weeds.

“In the future we plan to send a map created on Mappt with every Site Log to our clients so that they can see and understand the scope of our works, as it can be hard to fully grasp with only a verbal or written explanation.

“Mappt is a great application for gathering geospatial data. It’s extremely user friendly and when we first got started we received helpful and prompt assistance from the team.”

– Michael Mills, Conservation Team Leader

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FEATURE FOCUS: Geotagged Photos

Geotagged PhotosWe love Mappt’s addition of geotagged photos! Now you can capture specific details like a fallen tree or broken fence, and let Mappt pin them onto your map. This will show you exactly where details are so you can quickly find them again both on your map and in the field. Plus photos look far prettier on your map than marker points.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Piotr Dancewicz


Mappt is excited to announce its new Sales Manager, Piotr (Peter) Dancewicz. Piotr has built up 20 years of online marketing and online business consulting experience. He has a great deal of knowledge with IT systems and mobile software development, and his healthy homemade smoothies are a real bonus!


“Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see.”

– Angelina Jolie


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