Mappt 2.1.3 has been released!

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More features, new buttons and squashed bugs

The latest version of our mobile mapping GIS has been released onto the Google Play Store. Mappt 2.1.3 has been completed with new buttons, bug fixes and the following new features to organise and streamline your data collection.

Attribute data types

When you create a new attribute you can now add a rule to it. This rule will make it a text, number, decimal, range, yes/no, date or a list of values which can be selected from a drop down form. Attribute data types will help streamline your mapping and data collection by reducing repetition and eliminating human error.

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Automatic re-projection

Shapefiles are now automatically re-projected from any coordinate reference system. You are now able to work with any CRS and it will even export it back into that system. However, if you’re working offline you may be required to manually enter the EPSG code.

Zip files

Bundle up all your Shapefiles, KML’s, ECW’s and photos into a zip file. Mappt will read them into individual layers so you can transfer your entire data set and imagery as one file. This is designed to make team and project management easier.

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We’ve also stamped out some pesky bugs and listened to your feedback, so we’ve added in a few new buttons, including a quick-save button and navigation arrows for flicking between features (see circled buttons below).

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We hope you enjoy the free upgrade of Mappt and as always we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have any suggestions or features you’d like to see on our mobile mapping GIS, just get in touch in the comment box below!

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