How to fix Mappt stability issues after updating to Android 4.4.3


A number of Mappt users are experiencing random crashes after updating their tablet to 4.4.3…

Arnhem 283sml

We’ll spare you the gritty technical details, but the executive summary is that Android changed the way it handles file permissions, and Mappt uses a lot of files.

To fix this problem you should do a factory reset on your tablet…

  1. Plug the tablet into your PC and copy all photo’s, video’s, etc onto the computer
  2. Copy all files from /Download/Mappt onto the computer.
  3. Go to Settings -> Backup and reset -> Full factory reset
  4. This will take about 15 minutes to reset and update the tablet.
  5. Re-install Mappt from the Playstore, re-enter your license key and finally
  6. Copy the files from /Download/Mappt back onto the tablet

This issue only effects people who install Mappt prior to 4.4.3 and then updated Android.