Mappt v2.1 Now Available

Screenshot showing customisable marker icons in Mappt

Version 2.1 has finally found it’s way to the Google Play store!  This version contains range of improvements and bug fixes.

As always, you can download the latest version of Mappt from the Google Play store:



We’ve been busy!  Read on to find out what we done did.

Marker Icons Can Now Be Customised

You can now customise the icon used to display markers, just in case the standard map pin wasn’t doing it for you.  This offers an extremely helpful at-a-glance aspect to markers, as demonstrated in this image below.

Screenshot showing customisable marker icons in Mappt

New Line Styles for Lines and Polygons

Lines and polygons can now be drawn using a set of predefined line styles, such as dotted, dashed, and even dotted and dashed!  At the same time!  Welcome to 2014.

We also support several other line styles, as seen in the screenshot, below.

Screenshot showing line and polygon styles in Mappt

Line styles are an early access preview, so you may find some quirks here and there.  As always, we are welcome to suggestions, so be sure to let us know your feedback!

Feature Labels

You can now specify a label to display for features!  This is specified in the properties of the containing layer, allowing you to choose the value of an attribute, or even the name of the feature itself.

Here’s our previous Mines example, this time with labels turned on.

Screenshot showing feature labels in Mappt

Bug Fixes, Other Improvements and a Goat

As always, we’ve eliminated bugs and made small tweaks here and there to improve the user experience.

We’re now hard at work on the next version of Mappt, much like this goat is hard at work on goating like a goat.

Goat standing on a tree stump.

We’re running out of simian pics, so we’re breaking tradition and going with a goat instead!