Giving Your Shapefile Features Friendlier Titles

Screenshot showing features titled by attribute.

If you load a Shapefile into Mappt that has a “Name”, “Title”, “Label” or “ID” attribute, Mappt will take a best guess at using one of those as each feature’s title in the layer list. This allows you to assign meaningful titles to your features, rather than the standard Polygon 0, Polygon 1, etc.

As an example, let’s load a Shapefile where I have stripped out all of the attributes. You will see that Mappt titles the loaded features by the feature type (in this case, polygons) and the order they appeared in the file, which is not very helpful at all:

Screenshot of polygons named by their order in a shapefile.

Polygon 1 and Polygon 5 are having a fling, but don’t tell Polygon 6.

Restoring the attributes in the Shapefile, we can see that one of the attributes contains a nice name that would help identify the features, and is conveniently called “NAME”, so we don’t need to make any modifications to the Shapefile:

Screenshot showing a Shapefile with a title attribute

The NAME key in this Shapefile will be used to title the features.

Importing the Shapefile results in a feature list that is much easier to work with:

Screenshot showing features titled by attribute.

Naming your features makes them much easier to work with.

Shapefiles with a reasonable quality of attribute data will often contain a key suitable for titling the features, as demonstrated here with the NAME key, so this has proven to be an effective way to title features without requiring user intervention.