Mappt v2.0.0.9 Now Available

Lar Gibbon

Version has been released!  This version contains a few bug fixes and improvements and brings with a it new licensing model.

You can download the latest version of Mappt from the Google Play store:


Read on to find out more about this version!

Features Now Display Their Styling

The layer list now shows the styling applied to a particular item, making it easier to pair the listed features with their visual representations on the map.

This works well when combined with our Thematic Mapping tool (previously known as Classifications), as can be seen in the following image, which shows geographical areas styled by their area.

Screenshot showing feature style indicators.

The colouring used in the icons on the left matches the styling used in the rendered features on the right.

The New Tier-Based Licensing Model

Given the volume of functionality that we have added over the past year-and-a-bit, as well as the exciting upcoming features on our roadmap, we have decided to split the Mappt licensing model into a tier-based model.

A tiered model allows you to choose the level of functionality in Mappt that you need.  The tiers, and their features, are listed below.

Mappt Features by Licence Tiers

Bug Fixes

As always, we tweaked a few things here and there and fixed more bugs than we introduced: net result positive.

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Lar Gibbon

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