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Mappt ECW and JP2 Support Demonstrated at HxGN Live

Stage presentation at HxGN Live

Would you like to see offline mobile imagery support for Mappt? You’re not the only one. Offline mobile imagery support, specifically ECW, is one of the most commonly requested features by many of our users.

Taking up the call, Mappt recently engaged with Hexagon Geospatial to prototype their new ECW/JP2 SDK for mobile platforms. This development is still in beta mode although an early version of Mappt was demonstrated at HxGN Live (Las Vegas, Nevada, from 2 – 5 June, 2014) in front of thousands of delegates.

Stage presentation at HxGN Live

Mappt with offline ECW and JP2 support will enable users to simply load and have imagery for their areas of interest at their fingertips while in the field. Using your own imagery as a core reference point, this allows you to ensure the data you are collecting reflects the surroundings you are in accurately.

We are excited to be working with Hexagon Geospatial in embedding ECW/JP2 support into Mappt. Expect this support to be released in early July 2014. For more information about Mappt visit our product site at mappt.com.au.

For more details on HxGN Live, see the website.

For more information on the Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) file format, see here.