Help is on its way!


Mappt has been on the market for a little while now and is being used by more people every day. Its features are growing almost as fast as its users, and to keep up with this demand, we’ve started to expand our support for Mappt.

We’re creating new tutorials, tips and tricks, and building users’ suggestions into Mappt. One of the most popular requests was a new help system, which is being built into the next update of Mappt, along with some other little goodies. Very soon you’ll be able access these features from almost anywhere in Mappt, so help is always at hand – well, fingertips actually.

We’re always striving to make Mappt better, faster and more efficient with every new version, which is why we rely on your feedback. So if you have any comments or suggestions, send them through, and your request could be our next big blog post!

We’re always hard at work here.