Mappt v1.5 Now Available

The Mappt simians, having toiled in their underground banana caves, have produced version 1.5 of Mappt for Android!

You can download the latest version of Mappt from the Google Play store:



This version bring performance improvements in the handling of large datasets, as well as a few features:

Tap to Select Features in the Map

Finally, you can tap features in the map to select them!  No more hunting through the layer list, peering, squinting, trying to find the marker that tells you where you left your car last night.

You can also long-press on features to open their properties!

Reordering Layers and Drawing Order

Mappt now respects the order of layers and features in the layer list, drawing them in a bottom-up fashion.  This means that layers “on top” in the layer list will be on top in the map view.

Along with this, we’ve added buttons to allow you to reorder your layers and features, and even shift features between layers!

Drawing Enhancements

We’ve added a few new tools to make drawing features a bit easier.

Firstly, you can now abort changes made when editing a polygon or line!  This means you can edit a feature, and if you mess it up, simply press the Abort button to revert the feature back to it’s original, pre-edit, shape.

We’ve also added a button that will, when in edit mode, allow you to append a point to the current polygon or line at the current crosshair position.  When combined with the GPS follow tool, this is handy for “walking out” the boundaries of a polygon, or the path of a line, dropping points at your current location as you go.

Bug Fixes

We fixed some bugs, too, but that’s pretty boring – so here’s a snapshot of the team at work, “fixing” bugs:

Look at us, hard at work, fixing bugs. Delicious, delicious, bugs.

Look at us, hard at work, fixing bugs. Delicious, delicious, bugs.